Friday, May 21, 2010

Starting Somewhere

I have a dream...

One day, I want a series of restaurants/cafes. In the same big city. Restaurants that everyone loves. Hey, a girl's gotta dream big! Upon hearing this "dream", a friend told me that I can't do any of that without starting somewhere. So, I suppose, this is my somewhere.

I'm an active foodie around the fabulous city where I reside. Bakery crawls? Check. Tastings? Double check. Camera on me at all times? If it's possible to quintuple check, I'm doin' it. It's fairly likely that if there's a new food experience going on, chances are I'm going to be there, camera in hand, scarfing it down and asking questions. Lately, it has come to my attention that I'm not actually doing anything with all these beautiful pictures of food but letting them sit in a Facebook album and on my wall at home, psychoanalyzing me in all of their tasty sugary glory. It's like they're taunting me. For serious. Those cupcakes sure can be mean.

It's time to do something, you know? Taking pictures of food does me no good if I can't share it with people! So I'm sharing it with you :) I plan on posting recipes of things that I've made (along with, hopefully, pictures, if I can find settings that don't embarrass me), along with food I've made using recipes from other people. Also, like I said, I do a lot of eating... so it only makes sense to do restaurant reviews, too. I try my best to be open-minded about my food choices, though if someone's serving grass-fed anything, I'm 120% on board no matter what else is on the menu.

Anyway, enough. Here's to the start of something new and delicious! Next post will be on baked goods! (My personal favorite.)

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